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NY Times Preview with Oliver Platt

From the article "The Newest Established Leading Man":

Both Mr. McAnuff and Mr. Platt said they shared a similar view of Nathan: as a comic leading man who would not depend on what Mr. Platt called “a series of gags” to win over the audience. In Nathan’s most memorable number with Adelaide, as he tries to save their relationship and they sing “Sue Me,” Mr. Platt eschews the sweet-talking style and lover-boy smiles that Sinatra brought to the scene. Nor does he borrow the slapstick of Mr. Lane in that number. Instead Mr. Platt looks as if a light bulb had just gone off above his head as he earnestly, lovingly pleads his case to Ms. Graham with a minimum of physical wisecracking (and with a solid singing voice). “He’s not really a muggy dude,” she said. “His face and his body have always been a big part of Oliver’s characters. He comes across as empathetic and funny and also sensitive and vulnerable, and all of that is in the housing of this very large man. I think that’s very appealing to people.”

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Photo: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times