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Jerry Herman on Frank Loesser to NY Post: "That wonderful man is responsible for my life in the theatre"

The NY Post's Michael Riedel ran a wonderful article on Jerry Herman and his first meeting with Frank Loesser. 

'Loesser gave Broadway -- and popular music -- something else as well: songwriter Jerry Herman, whose "La Cage aux Folles" just won the Tony for Best Revival of a Musical.  "That wonderful man is responsible for my life in the theater," Herman says. "I met him at that crucial point in your life when you don't know where you're going but you have secret hopes about where it's going to be."'

The article recounts Herman's first meeting with Loesser... arranged over bridge by his mother!

"One morning I woke up and she told me to get all my little songs together because I had a meeting with Frank Loesser. 'You gotta be kidding,' I said. I was very negative about playing my ditties for a famous composer. I didn't want to go.

"And that's when my mother used a wonderful expression that's stayed with me all these years. She said: 'Would you please waste half an hour of your life?' "

Read the full story on NY Post.com