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Daniel Radcliffe profile in USA Today

USA TODAY profiled Daniel Radcliffe on How To Succeed In Business, Harry Potter, and playing against type,  including comments from the show's director/choreographer Rob Ashford.

via USA Today
In How to Succeed, Radcliffe is once again playing against type. J. Pierrepont Finch, the central role in the beloved Frank Loesser musical, is a young window washer who, with the help of a Machiavellian guidebook, merrily connives his way up the corporate ladder in early-1960s Manhattan.
For Radcliffe, who had never portrayed an American but is fascinated by our country's history and culture, it was an irresistible foundation. "The show is set not only in New York before 9/11 but in America before JFK was assassinated. There was no fear, and no shame in wanting to rise to the top. It's thrilling to be able to remind an audience of that."
Mind you, Finch's behavior isn't always endearing. But director/choreographer Rob Ashford had seen Radcliffe in Equus and also knew him socially, and he felt the actor could make the character — played by Robert Morse in the original production and 1967 film, and Matthew Broderick in a 1995 Broadway revival — more sympathetic.
Radcliffe's Finch "has the naïveté of youth," Ashford says. (Morse and Broderick were 30 and 33, respectively, when they tackled the part.) "This Finch has a young man's front-footed nature — that ability to dive off a platform and figure out halfway down how you're going to land.

Read the full story by Elysa Gardner in USA Today:

Photo credit:
Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY