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Entertainment Weekly Gives Rave Review to "How to Succeed"

The key to: "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Tying" is Daniel Radcliffe and his "combination of youth, talent, and sheer willpower".

Radcliffe continues his "tapping into an almost bottomless reserve of willpower and determination to claim his place in the spotlight of a big-budget Broadway musical". According to Thom Geier, Radcliffe "works up a sweat on some of the most athletic production numbers I've seen on stage in years" has he "leaps, thrusts, spins, and stretches with joyous abandon"...

"Of course, Radcliffe isn't alone on stage. John Laroquette is an inspired choice to play World Wide Wicket's philandering, easily distracted president, and Tammy Blanchard wins plenty of laughs as his va-va-voom mistress."

As for the Act 2 showstopper ''Brotherhood of Man'', Geier says, "I wished I had a remote control to replay the entire song from the top. Over and over again".

Final Grade: A-

For the full review by Thom Geier from Entertainment Weekly: