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The Wall Street Journal Asks, "How good can a Broadway musical be? This good."

Terry Teachout of The Wall Street Journal was one of the many reviewers who has given great reviews for Daniel Radcliffe's first Broadway musical.

The first thing that captured Teachout was Daniel Radcliffe and his performance.

"Mr. Radcliffe's Finch is a twinkly, huggable gent whose ruthless unscrupulosity is positively endearing."

Teachout also praised the show's director-choreographer, Tony® and Emmy® Award-winner Rob Ashford."Not only are his dances full of perfectly realized visual punchlines, but they have an exhilarating momentum that serves the show without overwhelming the plot."

He concluded his review by stating that, ""How to Succeed" hits all the marks. Whatever the rest of the season may hold in store, we now have a show in which nearly every shot goes straight to the center of the theatrical target. How good can a Broadway musical be? This good."

For Terry Teachout's complete critique of the show: