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The Huffington Post gives "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" an Incredible Review.

Daniel Radcliffe is making Loesser proud by being "fantastic" with his musical debut. Radcliffe and company are gaining the show phenomenal reviews; Matt Budd of the Huffington Post raves, "In fact the entire show is terrific and everyone was cheering when I saw it last Sunday."

The show is "very clever and well-choreographed" which can especially be seen in the number "Company Way" where the audience becomes aware of what "a very clever and strategic" idea it was for Radcliffe to take on this role.

Radcliffe himself is "showcased hysterically throughout the show with pauses and knowing glances to the audience".

Budd  even goes on to comment that because of Radcliffe's appearance in this Broadway classic it proves that Broadway "is now speaking to whole new generations and it's saying some timeless and very funny things."

Full performance review by the Huffington Post: