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Talkin Broadway gives How To Succeed cast album a rave review as "spectacularly theatrical"!

Rob Lester from Talkin Broadway is having a hard time trying to stop listening to "How To Succeed" since the   album is made up of a wonderful cast and adapted orchestrations for a snappy, jazzy band feeling giving way to tons of personality.

Lester also comments on the behind the scenes of the album, "Savvy record producer Robert Sher brings loving care, true theatre ambiance with clear and bright - but not brittle-sound. And musically, with 31 tracks, he lets the cup runneth over generously… When it comes to this score, more is more—more Loesser melodies, restated and expanded: they're strong and tasty enough to not cloy with second helpings."

Lester warns that the side effects of the album are laugh out loud moments, and continuous listening.

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