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Exit, Harry Potter

Stephen Schaefer from the Boston Herald was one of many this weekend that said their goodbyes to Harry Potter and all of the magic that J.K. Rowling has given the world.

Daniel Radcliffe has moved on from casting spells on preteens to enchanting the world of Broadway.  “People wonder why Radcliffe chose a 1962 musical as his next, entirely natural step away from Harry Potter, and maybe the answer is in the title.  For all his hard work Radcliffe embodies that sense of succeeding without really trying, of putting on a show for simply the challenge and the good times.  And he does it eight times a week, without an understudy.  As in Broadway’s heyday when the star sold the show, it’s impossible to think of How to Succeed without its magical leading man.”

The series has come to an end, but the world of fantasy that has been created over the seven books and movies will hopefully inspire generations to read, write and allow themselves to whirl wind into a world filled of imagination. 

To read the full article: http://bostonherald.com/blogs/entertainment/hollywood_mine/?p=566