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Once in Love With Amy - 1948

Music Written By: Frank Loesser
Lyrics Written By: Frank Loesser

Current Publisher: Frank Music Corp.

Copyrighted September 27, 1948. Published as part of vocal score. Copyrighted July 9, 1964. Previously registered for copyright as an unpublished song July 6, 1948. Introduced by Ray Bolger (Charley). Recording by Frank Sinatra (Capitol), Ray Bolger (Decca), and Perry Como (RCA Victor), among others.

As Susan Loesser recalled, the song was actually written six years earlier when Frank Loesser, Peter Lind Hayes, Haye's wife, Mary Healy, were working for the Army's Radio Productions Unit in California.

"Always an early riser, he [Loesser] would already be pounding away on a muted keyboard when Mary came downstairs at 6:00 a.m. She would bring him coffee, which he appreciated so much that he wrote a song for her: 'Once in Love with Mary.' Six years later it became Ray Bolger's show-stopper.'"

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Featured in:

Where's Charley? (1948)

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