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Take Back Your Mink - 1950

Music Written By: Frank Loesser
Lyrics Written By: Frank Loesser

Current Publisher: Frank Music Corp.

Copyrighted December 28, 1950. Previously registered for copyright as an unpublished song November 24, 1950. Published as part of Guys and Dolls vocal score, September 3, 1953. Introduced by Vivian Blaine (Adelaide) and The Hot Box Girls. Recorded by Pearl Bailey (Roulette), Debbie Reynolds (Reprise), Julie London (Liberty) and Dorothy Shay (Columbia), among others.

Choreographer Michael Kidd, in a 1990 interview with Steve Nelson recalled how this song was added to the show just prior to its New York opening:

"Take Back Your Mink" was added on the last night we were in Philadelphia. The act used to start with "A Bushel and a Peck." Abe [Burrows] had the idea of going to the Hot Box earlier, moving Bushel to the first act and coming up with a new number for Act 2. Frank had a number in the trunk all the time, and figured we could do it as a strip.
Now this was a week or so before we left Philly. Alvin Colt was excited and began working on costumes and props that could be easily taken off, pearl bracelets with bicycle clips, things like that. He went back to New York and we continued to work, laid out the whole number with rehearsal props and makeshift minks. The costumes arrived the morning of our last day, with only a few hours before a matinee. The show started, but there was still no music for the number. Near the end of the first act, the music arrived - the smell of ammonia from the copiers nearly knocked us over when the package was opened.
Irving Actman got the orchestra together at intermission and gave them their parts, quickly talking everyone through the material they would have to play cold for the first time in a few minutes. They ran through the fingering as Actman gave them tempos and cues. The costumes, music, everything was happening for the first time. And it literally stopped the show. Like in the movies, only for real.

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Featured in:

Guys & Dolls (1950)

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